Converse PrĂ¡ga

The target of the 3 days workshop for Converse was to present the brand's next year collection and marketing directions to the company's European representatives. The program took place in contemporary art gallery which had a modern and cool atmosphere to be close to the brand's identity. Catering was provided by local bio farmers' products turned into magnificent and healthy bites. But how can you entertain 65 top manager who had already seen everything? Challenge accepted! The opening party was under the monumental metronome on the highest point of Prague. Fresh grill and local craft beers were waiting for the guests to have a cheerful picnic in the afternoon sunlight. You can imagine how jealous the passing by tourists were. To close the series we organized an all night party in a XVIII. century brewery. As a pre activity guests had a chance to create a fantastic piece of art together with 65 paintball guns all firing simultaneously.

Global workshop with side events

Converse Netherlands

65 guests from 30 countries

Prague, Czech Republic

  • Event organizing
  • Accomodation management
  • 3 days manager meeting
  • 2 evening events
  • Technics
  • Catering