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Besides professional knowledge human factors are also main points of the compilation of our team. Charisma, reliability, accuracy, fairness and kindliness are some of the most important values among us. We work in an open office, so everyone is a constant part of the company and the projects. That's what makes Because the Because, that's what makes us a team. We are continuously learning from each other, about us and from people who are smarter than us. We travel together frequently to widen our perspective on international trends and to be the first ones to use them.


Varsádi Viktor


Viktor has been working in marketing industry since 2004. His first workplace was at the then the biggest event agency and event organizing is following his path continuously from that point. As a stundent he took language and marketing classes in the USA, then he learned economy and management. These experiences developed his business mind set up which he utilizes both at agency clients and in his own, self controlled companies.


- +36 20 210 14 34

Csákvári Éva

Financial Manager

Eva's passion to handle financial cases on the highest level started when she got her first pocket money. She started her professional financial and accounting career in 2014 and in 2017 she become the member of Because Agency team. Precision, continuous professional and personal improvement are extremly important to her, for this reason she often takes part in other divisions' projects with her assistance.


- +36 30 566 2925

Varsádi Richárd

Event Manager

Richard had obtained introspection to event and festival organizing during his high school years, thanks to musical performances and sound engineer studies. Later while he was learning economics he became a manager of some rentable event services. He had improved his English skills through intensive language courses and USA visits.

He has been developing his skills in event organizing through a number of international projects and working with the greatest agencies since 2010. Precision and the pursuit of perfection are regualar guests in his life, which is complemented with a pinch of humour to create his unique and memorable style of working.


- +36 20 387 5900

Zsilován Dániel

Art Division Manager

In 2004 Daniel began his career by photoshopping cool spoilers and fire motifs on the family car. This hobby soonly led him to a serious decision to do this as his profession. Before he started the graphic school in Budapest he worked in several countries to widen his creative thinking. Even during his lectures he was a full time colleague at an advertising agency. He has been holding together graphic and creative designing processes since the very first day of Because Agency.


- +36 20 350 0870

Tóth Tibor

PR Manager

PR communication is the kind of unique area where practical experiences are just as important as the educational material from school. Tibor had the oppurtunity to learn the profession in 2 of the country's most high ranked universities, then took part in dozens of varied projects to improve his practical know-how. His favourite motto is: "Communcation is the greatest tool and weapon in this world". His belief that there is no area of life where communication would not be needed led him to choose it as his profession more than 2 decades ago.


- +36 20 377 4037