What do we do?

We provide complex solutions to our clients as our services cover the whole marketing industry. Through thousands of projects we developed our services to the highest level, from strategy creation through manufacturing to implementation tasks. We organize small and thousands of guests events, even more at the same time. Though our Design division can create simple graphics too, neither shooting a high level commercial is a challenge for us. Last but not least our Media division battles on the fields of online, soical and offline, on every channel.

Marketing strategy's most important question is what it contains. Beyond mandatory elements like target group, message, channels and so on, it has to be creative to be exceptional on the market. Our team incorporate their economical and marketing knowledge earned from the member's educational and experimental past to create a useful and profitable unique conception. Our most important tools are to ask and to doubt ourselves to produce the most amount of information. This could lead us to solutions that we would have never came up in any other ways. We always keep in mind that the strategy that we are working on is targeted to the client's customer. Thus if the customer is happy, the client will be satisfied.

The goal of every event is to send the client's message to the guests through a memorable experience. Organizing is always preconditioned by the examination of the message and the guests. We create a detailed profile of participants, just like FBI agents do. This way we get a 100% insight on their needs, so we can prepare the perfect event for them. As the fruits of our labor on the event's day our only job is to follow the accurately written timing.
The efficiency of the event is measured with an active follow-up and collected to a pretty presentation.

It's not a secret that the smile meter often turns over it's scale.

Creative design and targeted marketing strategy walk hand in hand.

If you asked for a green square we will might give you a red triangle. Not because we prefer that but because you customer needs that. How do we know? We investigated it.

Things can be attractive or useful. The two at the same time is the best - so we only create things this way so we can guarantee your satisfaction.

Our well-tried method is to collect art, creative design, technical development and trends to knead them to a massive dollop. Then we mix a dollop with the market needs to create the perfect conception.

Humanity's oldest tool, communcation is one of the main weapons in our campaigns. Our full service PR dividion is ready to react even on a daily basis to send the precisely planned strategy based content the relevant press chanels. Our long time connections in media spheres allows us to get the best leads in the most efficient way.

The results are collected in a detailed report to measure the success.