Chef Market Gourmet Festival

Hungary's leader food wholesaler, Chef Market has been a client of us to create the most spectacular stand on Gourmet Festival. The company provides tickets to the festival for their customers and invites them to the exclusive Chef Market VIP Stand.

The stand is basically an enclosed zone from the crowd that offers a fully equipped restaurant and drink bar for invited guests. Our full service work included unique furniture designing, menu creation, staff recruitment - just to mention a few.

Besides some ordinary elements, we create a new style every year, with new complementary elements like selfie roof top, champagne bar, private Dj or even a gypsy musician band.

Through the years Chef Market restaurant had developed to the most wanted point of the festival.

VIP restaurant

Chef Market Zrt.

1500 guests

Gourmet Festival, Budapest, Hungary

  • Event organizing
  • 5 days
  • Decoration design and building
  • Installation and furniture design and building
  • Technics
  • Catering
  • Staff recruitment