Converse Dubrovnik

The target of the 7 days workshop for Converse was to present the brand's next year collection and marketing directions to the company's representatives. Participants from 70 different countries of the world arrived to a brand rightly decorated hotel floor with 5 conference rooms, in the sunny city of Dubrovnik. We entertained 160 guests with 7 evening events, besides the all day workshops. The opening party was on the old town's sea view basketball court, where no other event was ever held before. The venue represented the brand's past and newest products which were worn by the world champion acrobatic basketball team while their performed. As the days went by group of guests had a chance to dance in seaside bars, others were taken to Game of Thrones tours or had a  party on a 30 m long pirate boat. The closing party took place in a 500 years old fortress which was turned into a world top 50 club. Break dance battle, crazy strobe lights or CEO stage diving were just regular parts of the dance floor view.

Global workshop with side events

Converse Inc. Boston

160 guests from 70 countries

Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • Event organizing
  • Accomodation management
  • 7 days manager meeting, 2 venues
  • 7 evening events
  • Decoration design and building
  • Installation and furniture design and building
  • Technics
  • Catering