Converse Greece

The 4 days workshop was held to 65 European marketing manager in 2 venues simultaneously. We built a fully Converse shop style furniture and brought it to the oldest warehouse of the city to represent next year's collection. We also used a skateboard and basketball court for smaller group works on the other side of the city. For the end of each days we organized roof top parties in the vibrant city. The closing party of the week was in Thessaloniki's coolest underground cocktail bar.

Global workshop with side events

Converse Netherlands

65 participants from 30 countries

Thessaloniki, Greece

  • Event organizing
  • Accomodation management
  • 4 days manager meeting, 2 venues
  • 3 evening events
  • Decoration design and building
  • Installation and furniture design and building
  • Technics
  • Catering