CPI OfficeUP Rendezvény kreatívok

CPI is an internationally recognized real estate market participant. Because Agency is providing their memorable marketing appearances for several years now. Our goal is always to break the convention and the monotony of exhibition stand designs. The company and its buildings' eco friendly spirit was represented on an innovative presentation wall made of wood. Living Wall is an interactive giant touch device that draws instant attention and engages visitors for long minutes.The stand's ground was covered with a social activity supporter print. By standing on the center, guest could take a selfie that looked just like they were standing on one of CPI's tall office building. The exhibition took place in a club called Akvarium. We took the advantage and created this pun based, remote controlled, CPI decorated floating fish.No doubt that it became every visitor's favourite site of the day.

Exhibition stand

CPI Hungary

30 sqm

Akvárium Budapest, Hungary

  • Creative conception
  • Graphic Design
  • Event organization
  • Stand building