CODIC Homework

The international real estate developer, Codic reached out to us to create corporate identity for a new project. After a few of our brainstormings we decided to recommend the change of the project name which was chosen by the Belgian parent company. Despite the fact that this was our first time to work together we surprised the client with the new name idea based on a thorough research and facts. We presented the concept to a silent and smooth face audiene. After the presentation a colleague was invited to the room to tell his opinion about the name, without any explanation. The vibe was intensified by some French discussion from which we did not understand a word. This was followed by the CEO's congratulation and instant confirmation of the new identity, name and log.

Marketing Strategy

Codic International

Full year campaign

Budapest, Hungary

  • Marketing strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Name creative
  • Brand identity
  • Media and PR campaign
  • Event organizing
  • Web design